Current and Future Exhibitions

Krefeld, Archaeological Museum Burg Linn ( April 2024 – October 2024 )

Regensburg, Historical Museum ( October 2024 – March 2025 )

Manching, kelten und römer museum ( April 2025 – September 2025 )

Trier, Rheinisches Landesmuseum ( June 2025 – November 2025 )

Ruffenhofen, Limeseum ( October 2025 – April 2026 )

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Current and Past Exhibitions

Krefeld, Archaeological Museum Burg Linn ( April 2024 – October 2024 )

A new diorama was built for the exhibition: Batavians attack a Roman ship with grain supplies for the army. 

A small diorama puts some archaeological finds into the context of a trophaeum (curated by the museum).

Teaser film of the exhibition.

Haltern am See, LWL Roman Museum ( November 2023 – March 2024)

Kalkriese, Varusschlacht im Osnabrücker Land ( June 2023 – November 2023 )


Bad Gandersheim, Portal zur Geschichte (  May 2022 – October 2022 )

The museum presents finds from Harzhorn as 3D-prints which visitors can touch within the exhibition.  


Manching, kelten römer museum ( April 2022 – October 2022 )  


Theuern, Industrial Museum of Bavaria ( June 2021 – September 2021 )  “Iron for the Legion”


Kalkriese, Museum and Park ( March 2019 – November 2019 )  —  27.000 Visitors

Video of the opening of the Exhibition

2019 04  Article in Newspaper taz


How much wheat do you need to feed one legion for one day? The answer is 600 modii – or 600 sacks as piled up in the exhibition. Start your day grinding the flour with an authentic Roman mill … every army must be fed !

A new diorama for Kalkriese: Germans attack the vanguard of a Roman marching column..


2019 12  Varuskurier – 27.000 Visitors

Guestbook Summary


Provincial Exhibition of Upper Austria, Museum Enns  ( April 2018 – November 2018 )

270.000 visitors to the exhibition. Our legion becomes the most beloved object of the exhibition..


Film of the exhibition

Arche Nebra, Museum und Park ( April 2018 – November 2018 )

A lovely idea of the museum: Illustrations on the walls supplement the exhibition.  Here still without any objects or display cages.

The same view of the room, but now including objects and display cages..

The scheme of the camp for two Legions (150 x 150 cm) displayed hanging for the first time..


Television-Report on the Exhibition (in German)

Kuenzing (Passau),  Museum Quintana ( October 2017 – March 2018 )

The exhibtion consists of three parts:  Part one explains the production of steel and uses the blade of a Pugio (500 gr) as an example. A total of 8 stations and interactions illustrate the various steps necessary for the production of this blade.

Most iron objects of this first part of the exhibiton have been made by “Schorsch, the blacksmith” (Juergen Grassler), who can be compared with his life-size artwork by Graham Sumner in the picture below.  Dr. Christian Koepfer acted again as historical advisor for the exhibition.

The second part of the exhibition explains Roman armour in detail.

Each station is accompanied by replicas that visitors can touch. The station “The Shield” illustrates the composition of Roman shields.

The third part of the exhibition presants the equipment and armour of Roman soldiers in combination, using various formats:  Armour walls (below), armour stations with armour that visitors can try on, and stations that compare the development of armours over the centuries.

This third part proves to be exciting not only for young visitors …

Links (all in German):

Interview mit Mules-of-Marius:  17_10_12 Presse – Modellversium – Schild und Schwert

PNP: 17_10_18 Presse – PNP – Kinder testen


Carlisle, England, Segedunum Museum ( March 2017 – September 2017)

The ala diorama and a turma, both on display at Tullie House Museum in Carlisle.

Arrian’s ancient description of cavalry excercises are followed in every detail in this diorama, which is on display at Segedunum Museum in Newcastle.

Learn more about the Hadrians Cavalry program in their webpage or download their program

Obernburg, Kochsmuehle ( May 2017 – September 2017 )

Articles from the local newspapers and the internet (all in German):

2017_05 Frankfurter Rundschau 1

2017 05 Frankfurter Rundschau 2

Warsaw – Museum of Technics in the Palace of Culture  ( January 2017 – June 2017 )

The exhibition “The Legions are coming” is a cooperation of MULES-OF-MARIUS and the University of Warsaw. The exhibition includes the themes march, camp and logistics. The University of Warsaw adds original finds from its excavations at the site of Novae, a legionary camp in Bulgaria.



Osterburken – Roman Museum ( June 2016 – October 2016 )

The exhibition “Order and Discipline” contains the dioramas: Legion, Ala, Cohort, Training and various smaller dioramas, as well as numerous life-size drawings by Graham Sumner.

A standard bearer welcomes at the main entrance.


An archer shows the way to the special exhibition.


A special effect doubles the legion.



The original illustration by Graham Sumner next to the life-size print of a late 2nd century legionary of LEG-III-ITALICA.



Parts of the special exhibition mingle with the permanent exhibition of the Roman Museum in Osterburken. This concept was very well received in Aalen and is now continued in Osterburken.


Ruffenhofen – Limeseum ( May 2016 – Dezember 2016 )

Exhibition “Army on the March” includes the dioramas “March” (length: 7,2 meters) and “Camp”. Some replicas of armour, shoes, baggage and supply add some “hands on” experience for visitors.



A new diorama explains a centuries position in a legion, and how it splits up during the march into various parts along the long columns of a full legion on the march.


New mini dioramas tell fun stories about the “Making of..” of the diorama. Below: Painting of wagons.



“Making of …” is always one of the most favourite displays

Aalen – Limes Museum ( Febr. 2016 – June 2016 )

Exhibtion of Legion, Cohort, Ala, combined with a special section on discipline and training. The large legion diorama is set up in a long version, resembling a battle line.  The exhibition is mixed with the permanent exhibition, not separated in a special exhibition area.





Legion Diorama in Assembled in a Long Version


Regensburg – Historic Museum  (Sept. 2015 – Febr. 2016)

Exhibition of four large dioramas (legion, march, camp, ala), six medium size dioramas (ballista, ambush, cohort, raetian limes, danube limes). Life size drawings by Graham Sumner. Many high quality replicas and interactions.  All in all 500 qm  of exhibition.

Articles / Links of the Regensburg exhibition:

Article in local newspaper

Article in local website

Article in model fan website  Part1  Part2  Part3

Article in tin figure magazine  2015_12 KLIO – Wir-sind-Legion

Guest book  (German) Scan Gästebücher Wir-sind-Legion

Recruitment and Training



Entrance to the March Diorama



The March Diorama

The diagram on the right side illustrates the length of a legion on the march, including the long baggage train. The diorama shows two cohorts on the march, which are highlighted in the diagram, so that the visitor can imagine the length of a legion on the march.



The Marching Camp




Armour is presented on stand alone poles







Identity of different Legions







Limes Congress (Archaeological Congress) September 2015

The international Limes-Congress (400 mostly academic participants from 30 nations) visited the exhibition in Regensburg. See below for their comments in the guestbook:

Full PDF:  Gästebuch Limeskongress


“A stunning display of superquality workmanship which must require extraordinary patience and attention to detail. Very enjoyable to see and highly impressive.”  Trevor Bloom, London, UK

“What an amazing piece of art, imagination, knowledge and joy!!! Let´s bring your exhibition to Oxford-UK. All the best & speak to you soon”  Birgit Thallen, Oxford, UK

“An amazing exhibit. I helps us visualize the size and ealboration of Roman troops in the field. What a great resource for both the general public and professionals!”  Shannon Hynt, Birmingham, Alabama USA

“A fantastic exhibition (particularly the Roman camp) and display which really helps people to visualize and imagine the real might of the Roman army. Brilliant work.”  Andrew Tibbs, Durham University, UK

“I really enjoyed the exhibition. I´ve learned a lot about organisation. Not only for my kids, but also very informative for archaeologists and the wider audience. I hope to see the exhibition in the Netherlands soon!”  Tessa de Groot, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

“The quality and quantity of figures used in the dioramas is a resource of an unparalleled kind in my experience”  Chris Snook, Achraeology Plus Ltd

“What a fantastic initiative! Finally people (the large public) can undertsand fully how impressive the Roman army must have been. I hope to meet this exhibtion once in Belgium! Congratualtions!” Sofie Vanhoutte, Flanders Heritage Agency, Belgium

“It is a brilliant way of bringing to life the scale, organisation and activities of the Roman army, including military and non-military, in battle and on the march. It adds a dimension you can´t find in virtual reconstruction!” A.O. Heritage Consultant, UK

“Wondeful exhibition and wonderful idea! Thank you very much on that! You should come to Croatia!”  Mirna Vokov, University of Zagreb, Croatia

“The exhibition is wonderful. The attention to detail is fantastic, and I learned a lot about the Roman army and its logistics and impact on the countryside. I will recommend your work to everyone! Thank you.”  Lesley Macinnes, Stirling, Scotland

“Visualizing the army in this way confronts us with the practicalities of space, transport and time. The sheer size of the force can hardly be understood otherwise. This is a real teaching help. The detail is incredible and the figures are works of art in themselves.”  Carol Driel-Murray, Leiden, Netherlands

“These soldiers have completely changed the way that I think about a Roman legion. How scary it must have been to fight against them! A beautifully made collection too, I couldn’t be more impressed! Good luck with exhibiting them everywhere!” Jo Ball, Southport, UK