Loan of Exhibitions

The loan of exhibitions on the Roman Army includes a wide range of objects (dioramas, replicas, posters and activities), which can be rented in pre-set packages to cover common topics (e.g. “The Structure of the Roman Army”, “March and Camp”, “Weapons and Technology”, “Securing the Borders”). Subject to availability, objects can also be rented individually on short notice.

Initial Offer

Museums are welcome to can get in contact informally. An initial offer can be calculated within days, but information such as a floor-plan is required for calculation. An initial offer includes a floor plan with position of the largest objects of the exhibition and a list of objects. Rental prices include display cases, texts and posters, but they do not include transportation, which is provided as well.

Customized Objects

If there is sufficient time, we can add objects to customize the exhibition to local needs. For example, we had added life-size drawings of legionaries that would wear pieces of armor which were found in Regensburg for an exhibition at the “Historical Museum of Regensburg” (Sept 2015).