Museums can rent pre-set exhibitions on available topics (see below) or a combination of these pre-set exhibitions for 3-12 months. Pre-set topics: Legion, Hierarchy, March, Camp, Armour, Auxiliaries, Limes. We also offer to customize exhibitions, adding or incorporating objects of local interest.

PIC-Regensburg 2

Historical Museum Regensburg (Sept.2015-Feb.2016). Display of an ALA MILLIARIA (1000 figurines), together with lifesize illustration of an auxilliary cavallryman incorporating local finds and replicas (two shields and one mask with helmet).

PIC-Regensburg 1

Historical Museum Regensburg (Sept.2015-Feb.2016). The march diorama (two cohorts with baggage train), presented with a diagram (left) illustrating a legion on the march and marking the position of the two cohorts. Life size marching legionaries by Graham Sumner on the right.


The exhibition was originally designed as a travelling exhibition for schools. As a prerequisite, schools would need two or three lockable (class-)rooms, which we would turn into “exhibition rooms” on a weekend. Schools would normally rent limited list of objects (or 1-2 of the pre-set topics listed above) and be especially interested in accompanying activities. Rental periods would be 1-2 weeks only.

It takes 2 hours to turn a classroom into an exciting part of our Roman Army exhibition.

Turning a classroom into a Roman Army exhibition room.



Communities with a local history dating back to Roman times might be interested in renting the exhibition. Prerequisite are lockable rooms and at least two guards during opening times. We did not have a community as a customer so far and are keen to develop a format which would involve local schools as well.