A fully operational ballista in scale 1:10. The ballista is a work of art in itself, as it is reconstructed without use of any nails or glue, and can be deconstructed and put apart in small parts. This siege machine illustrates the high standard of Roman engineering.

The ballista is fully operational and can be used to explain the physics. The fascination of the model is the way it is constructed, with no nails or glue used it can be easily dissembled and then re-assembled. The model is build using 3D-technology to cut and shape the wooden and iron parts.

Indoor display only.

The wooden ballista (1:10) is a suitable supplement for the diorama “Ballista”.  Both (the wooden ballista and the diorama) are sized 100 x 50 inch (90 x 45 cm) each and come with two display cages.

Plans to reconstruct your own (very simple) ballista can be provided as well. This reconstruction will take about 5 hours.