Barrack Block

How does it feel to live like a legionary? Comfortable? Find out and learn how much better you would live if you finally made it, climbed up the ladder and became a Centurion.

Starting with a contubernium (8 soldiers sharing a tent), the structure of a Roman century (80 men) is explained and illustrated in the structure of a barrack block of a fortress and a row of tents in a marching camp. Thanks to the great detail of the barrack (which can be opened and shows all rooms in great detail), many obvious (and less obvious) questions are asked.  The significant difference in living standards of the Centurion compared to the simple soldiers normally provokes many questions and allows to discuss Roman hierarchy (and human ambitions) in all aspects.  The activity will be provided with back up material / texts for discussions.

Indoor only.

5-15 pupils/visitors at one time.

10-40 minutes, depending on what the teacher / museum guide has prepared  (backup material will be provided).