Place Your Legions

Learn how to think as an Roman Emperor, trying to protect is empire with all the legions available

Legions have to be placed on the map of the Roman Empire. There are three phases: (1) no restriction: You can place as many legions (red wooden squares) as you want. Many pupils/visitos place great numbers of legions, and most of them to Italy. (2) the same task, but with the restriction to the original number (around 30), and this time, the red squares carry the number and names of legions (and they even have a brief description of the legion on their back). In this phase, visitors/pupils are reminded of the game “Risk”, where players normally put their armies at the borders (to protect or prepare invasion). (3) Visitors/pupils are asked to place the legions according to a brief text by Tacitus, which explains not only the location, but in some cases also the reason why legions are placed to certains provinces.

This activity is a great learning experience, because there is something new to learn in each of the three phases.

Indoor only.

5-10 pupils/visitors.

20-30 minutes.