Building and defending a camp on the march. An impressive illustration of Roman Army logistics. See film here.

The diorama covers one corner of a marching camp. One side of the camp is finished, illustrating the defence of the camp. We paid special attention that the number of legionaries, pila muralia, carriages and all the equipment are accurate. The correct number of legionaries is on watch duty (2 legionaries of each contubernium of 8 men), placed along the correct length of the rampart. On the other side of the camp, the rampart is under construction (normally, the rampart would be constructed on all sides at the same time, so the diorama is not reflecting reality, but rather shows the camp in different stages). Again, the number of legionaries involved in construction and watching the construction is accurate and the diorama perfectly illustrates the density of soldiers digging the ditch and constructing the rampart.

The diorama is not divided in seperate parts. It is difficult to transport especially if there are stairs and no elevator with 2 m length.

  • 200 x 180 cm
  • 230 x 200 inch