A mixed cohort (cohors quingenaria equitata) with 6 centuries (80 men each) and 4 turmae (32 cavalrymen each). These auxiliary units are shown with coat and oval shields.

A cohors quingenaria equitata is frequent unit uses along the limes. The 600 men of the diorama are auxiliaries and can be supplemented in an exhibition with auxiliary shield replicas, or with texts explaining “special units” of auxiliaries, such as bowmen or slingers.

The legion diorama can be presented in various sizes. Each century is fixed on a separate base, thus the centuries can be changed and arranged in battle formation or in parade formation. The show case is also modular and can be adjusted to (almost) all sizes.

The cohort exists of two diorama modules (each 45×90 cm), which are presented in the photographs as 90×90 dioramen (foot soldiers behind horsemen). The diorama can also be presented as 45x180cm (foot soldiers and horsemen side by side). The display case can be adjusted accordingly.