800 cavalrymen in shining armour, impressive by it’s size. There is a mini diorama of 3 cavalrymen, each 70mm, which perfectly supplements this diorama.

A full ala milliaria. The diorama explains the building blocks, the turmae, of the ala. These turmae (32 cavalrymen) are clearly visible and the structure of each ala is clearly visible as well (decurio, ..).

The legion diorama can be presented in various sizes. Each century is fixed on a separate base, thus the centuries can be changed and arranged in battle formation or in parade formation. The show case is also modular and can be adjusted to (almost) all sizes.

The ala consists of 6 diorama-modules  of 90×45 cm each. The photographs show these 6 modules arranged in a 2×3 module format (2 modules wide and 3 modules deep). The ala can be installed as 1×6, 3×2, 2×3 or 6×1 format. The display case is flexible as well to fit each kind of installation.